Why Red?

The images we capture on the RED Epic Digital Cinema cameras are the highest resolution available on the market. We use the same cameras that are being used on many of the latest movies and television shows such as The Hobbit, Ender’s Game, House of Cards, Spiderman and many others. In the simplest terms this means the highest level of clarity and quality for your project.

High Resolution

Interviews shot on the RED camera have a larger-than-HD size, allowing us to shoot a wide shot and then digitally zoom-in during post-production without any quality loss. The close-up shot is still high-definition and remains crisp and clean. In essence, you have a 2-camera shoot when using the RED cameras.

RED Footage

Professional Video 5k Red Cameras Raleigh NC Professional Video 5k Red Cameras Raleigh NC

However, using a standard High Definition camera will show clarity loss and softening if the footage is enlarged or zoomed-in during post-production.

High Definition Footage

Professional Video Raleigh NC Professional Video Raleigh NC

Large Sensor Size

Large camera sensors allow for a shallower depth of field which means a more beautiful picture. The RED Epic has a sensor that allows us to blur the background. Locations that have minimal space, bland offices or non appealing backgrounds can now be used for interviews.


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