Who-001We are Storytellers.

At the core of everything we do, is a story. Whether creating a sales video for Cisco, a marketing video for McAfee or a tour video of a new hospital at Duke, we always make certain the story is compelling, easy to understand and entertaining to viewers.


Professional Video Raleigh NCWe are skilled technicians.

To tell great stories, Drawbridge uses the best tools available in the film and video industry. We have RED Epic Digital Cinema cameras that offer the highest quality images in the industry; the same cameras being used in Hollywood on many feature films.


Drawbridge is located in the heart of downtown Raleigh, NC.

In a renovated house originally built in 1902, we have 4 edit suites, a music/audio recording studio, a large conference room and several production offices. But we also love to travel and have shot and edited on-site videos in England, France, Las Vegas, San Francisco, NYC, Boston, and many other locations.

Professional Video Raleigh NC


Professional Video Raleigh NCWe are always ready to bring a story to life.

The Drawbridge team starts with a small group of full time employees but has a sizable group of freelance talent we work with regularly. This way, we are highly flexible and scalable based on the needs and budget of a project. We always start fast, schedule smart and finish strong.


Professional Video Raleigh NCOur passion is powered by our love of storytelling.

The joy and energy we bring to our work translates into a fun, inclusive experience for our clients and collaborators. We value friendly, loyal and sustainable relationships by putting people first in all stages of the creative and business process.


Professional videos require professional video makers.

We understand that the industry has changed allowing for more untrained people to make decent videos. However, with years of experience, the finest technology and the accumulated wisdom that comes from telling hundereds of stories over time, you will see and feel a difference in quality when using a professional company such as Drawbridge.

Professional Video Raleigh NC